Bye Clutter

I find decluttering my house satisfying. Do you?

Maybe it causes you anxiety and you have no idea where to start.

How about we talk about a checklist to get you started!

The keypoint in removing clutter is start and finish in the same room & then move on to the next room. Starting in several different rooms will have you losing your mind.

Clutter free home for 2020

Start in your Kitchen/Dining Room

Clean your Fridge/Freezer-

  • Throw away old and expired food/items
  • Wipe off shelves in fridge
  • Organize shelves to how you like

Clean out your pantry-

  • Throw away any old or expired items/food
  • Wife off Shelves
  • Organize by foods/spices/etc
  • Donate any small kitchen items you haven’t used in years

Clean out cupboards-

  • Tupperware- if you don’t have matching lids or containers throw them out
  • Pots/pans- donate anything you don’t use
  • Dish towels/pot holders- fold and organize
  • Kids items
  • Coffee Mugs/Tumblers/water bottles- don’t use them, donate them
  • Each cupboard should be organize with the same or like items

Junk Drawer-

Organize and toss anything that you don’t use, Donate items if available

Make sure to finish before you move to your next room

Living Room-

  • Go through DVDs/CDs, Books, Magazines- toss/donate anything you don’t use or no need for
  • Decorations making it feel cluttered- donate what doesn’t bring you joy


  • Desk- Organize and simplify your desk- get rid of clutter
  • Shelves/Closets- Go through everything- organize and then get rid of stuff you don’t need
  • Wipe down desk/shelves/drawers

Bathrooms/Linen Closet-

  • Go through all drawers and organize/throw away anything that’s expired or you don’t use (make up, toilette’s, towels, medicines) 
  • Wipe down drawers


  • Go through all drawers, shelves, closets with clothes- donate or sell the ones that don’t fit or you don’t like
  • Shoes- organize and donate ones that you don’t wear or fit anymore

Kids Rooms/Playrooms-

  • Go through toys and donate the ones that they don’t play with anymore
  • Wipe down toys and organize them by their theme
  • Books- go through and donate ones that aren’t used


  • Throw away stuff you don’t use or have a need for
  • Organize holiday stuff by holiday and put in bins/tubs
  • If it doesn’t bring joy or have any value to you, then donate


Your house may very slightly so I always suggest you organize based on your home.

I hope this helps make you feel a bit less stressed moving into the Spring Season!


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