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I am so excited for this post! I literally have been waiting to push the publish button since the first of April. Here we are- May! Mother’s Day this month!

Let’s talk about my Top 10 Mother’s Day Ideas – Get ready Moms, send this to your Man- πŸ™‚

# 10 – Flowers

Every Woman loves flowers. I am not talking about a bouquet of flowers. I am talking about taking her to the garden shop down the road and let her pick out flowers to plant.

# 9 – Homemade Gifts

Who doesn’t love homemade gifts from their kids? I know I do! Pinterest has some amazing ideas for gifts. I personally love doing the paintings on canvas, plus kids love paint.

# 8 – Mom’s Getaway Weekend

Every mom deserves some time away either with friends or family! Send her away to a hotel, that includes a hot tub and wine with her besties!

# 7 – Jewelry

Get her some pearls or diamonds. Actually don’t. Get her rings with her kids names engraved or necklace with the birthstones of her kids!

# 6 – Shopping Trip

Most of the time when moms go shopping they get nothing for themselves and everything for the kids. Treat her to the outlet or your local mall and let her buy herself an outfit.

# 5 – Meals Prepared

What mom doesn’t like breakfast in bed, lunch & dinner prepared for her? Most moms are always preparing food for the family. Change it up and let the kids and husband do it!

# 4 – Hire a maid

Most moms feel like they are drowning in dishes, laundry, dusting.. You get the picture. Get a maid for the weekend. I mean like one that’s going to scrub the toilets and dust baseboards!

# 3 – Sleep

What is sleep? I know I gave up sleep when my first child was born. Give her sleep. Let her sleep in, take a nap. Alone time.

# 2 – Family Time

Spend it together with your family. The park. A picnic. Movies. Moms are always up to spend it with the most important people in her life.

# 1 – Self-Care

Self-Care. When I first started this blog I took it to social media to see what most Mom’s wanted. It was Self-Care. Can you blame them? Nope. I personally would love to be pampered on Mother’s Day. Spa Day. Pedicure & Manicure. Indulging into a good book. Hair done. Whatever they consider self-care let them do that!

Hopefully this helps with decisions of what to get mom for Mother’s day. A mother is special. She deserves a wonderful day all about her.

β€œShe is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25 NLT

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