Survival Tips for Camping with Kids

Let’s go camping!

So my husband and I love the outdoors! We both grew up camping and want to continue that tradition with our kids. Last Spring we bought our first pop up camper after tenting it the summer before- woohoo, upgrade! (Tenting was fun with 2 kids under 3. People thought we were nuts)

I am a huge list person and any reason to make lists, I am all over it! I’ve picked out my MUST HAVES when camping with kids.

Blow Up Pool

Blow up pool (if there is no pool at the campground) Something like those ones you can find at Five Below/Walmart/Target! Just big enough to fit the kids (my 2 boys) to cool them off and keep them entertained.

Laundry Baskets

2 Laundry baskets- One for shoes just outside the camper- a family of 5, we have a TON of shoes! The second one for dirty laundry- I find this so helpful for doing laundry while on vacation (if you can) just throw all the dirty clothes in one bin and off you go to the laundry area.

Diaper Pail Bags

Diaper Pail bags (if your little’s are still in diapers) Super easy to keep those stinky diapers separate from the trash and it doesn’t have to stink up the whole camper at 2am when the baby decides to have a poop blow out.


Tablets- there I said it. Screen time in the morning before the campground gets up & and screen time in the evening for “quiet time” before bed. It’s amazing at how these things work. Plus you’ll get less eye rolls and dirty looks (coming from experience of course)

Pop up Playpen

Pop up Playpen- keep those babies and toddlers in one spot! You can find them at Walmart, target, Amazon. It folds super compact for easy storage in the camper!

Portable Highchair

Fold up highchair for the littlest- super easy to set up baby to eat or to keep entertained while loading or unloading. Again, this folds up very compact for easy storage.


Play-mats for toys and playing- making a small play area for the kids is perfect way to make sure your campsite doesn’t look like a hot mess ( by all means do what you feel suits you, but I hate messes) I use a blanket and for the most part my boys play on it. It also helps keep dirt, grass and rocks out of my 2.5 year old’s mouth. I get mine at Walmart. They zip up to be a bag and are waterproof- double awesome!

3 Drawer Bins

Sterlite 3 drawer bins- THESE ARE A MUST- I have one for each kid- clothes/diapers, etc. Stack them or stack things on top of them to help with space. Plus, you can put your suitcases back in the car and not have to worry about zipping/unzipping a million times a day to get what you need!

Snack Tub

Snack Tub- We have done this every single time we have traveled. It helps keep food fresh. All the snacks are in ONE area. The kids can grab something quick and easy. Very easy to pack that thing full with whatever until you get the to the site and unload what needs to be and keep those snacks handy. We use a 20gal/large plastic storage bin.

Hopefully these tips can help make your camping experience fun. I’ve learned to ease up when it comes to camping. Kids will get dirty. Things will get dirty or wet (camping when raining is a whole other blog post, another day). Relax. Let loose. Enjoy some beverages and make memories with your kids!

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