The Dark Hole

A New Day is on the Horizon

You may see me as a happy go lucky, full of life mama to 3 & wife to my best friend- that my friends, I am. I absolutely love my life & everything in it.

What you don’t see-

✔ the deep dark hole
✔ fear
✔ anxiety
✔ hopelessness
✔ feeling alone
✔ struggle

This dark place I’ve been in for just over a year is UGLY. So UGLY.

A few days ago, it dawned on me.

What I have realized is that I’ve chosen to try to control every aspect of my life rather than let it go to God.

Yes, I’m a Christian but the fact is, I’m truly lost.

I’m lost in trying to do all the things. Every day. When in fact, I need to hand everything over to God.

My heart was in the wrong place.
My energy was going places it shouldn’t
My happiness was fading

My husband and I went through a couples book this past November & it really opened my eyes.

“A wife loves her husband best when she treasures Jesus the most”

Read that again friends.

I believe it also should state: as a Mom, as a Entrepreneur, as a Friend.

Simply put- God is first, period.

If your heart isn’t right with God, it’s not right with anyone or anything in your life

Today- start by asking God to help you through his Grace, that you choose to seek him first so that you can love everything else.

With a New Year approaching, now is the time to do it!

Much love,



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